#1 Nesting begins by Lano 26.03.2013 15:56


A lot of mating today at GSB. Michelle and Travis have been very vocal, sounds like stronger defense of nest. Around 2:40pm nest time, it appears Travis may have brought prey to nest box for Michelle. Both in nest box. Eggs are sure to be arriving soon.

#2 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 28.03.2013 08:50


I love the way the bluff looks in the morning with the sun on the rocks. It won't be long now until we're watching eggs!

#3 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 29.03.2013 11:28


Michelle and Travis were working on their scrape this morning. GSBDweller thinks she's made a positive ID on the bands on Travis.
GSBDweller: Looked like N/06 to me. I'd say confirmation on Travis
Eggs are getting close.

#4 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 29.03.2013 11:52


Beautiful picture of Great Spirit Bluff.

#5 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 30.03.2013 09:48


Priscillash caught a great video of Travis bringing Michelle food on March 27th. Thanks Priscilla!

#6 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 02.04.2013 09:19


Michelle and Travis are busy, busy, busy this morning. I took a snip of the "dance" at 7:09 a.m. and the chatters said it was their 4th time already this morning.

#7 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 07.04.2013 21:25


It looks like Michelle is going to stay in the box tonight for the first time this season. I think this might be it! FINALLY!

#8 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 08.04.2013 14:29


FINALLY! Michelle lays her 1st egg at 12:55 p.m.

#9 RE: Nesting begins by SCluvineagles 08.04.2013 14:49


Video of Michelle laying egg since I was gone to lunch when she FINALLY decided to lay. Priscillash captured the video


#10 RE: Nesting begins by Hiker 11.04.2013 15:35


Seems Cecil B. Priscillash caught the second egg laying too.

#11 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 11.04.2013 15:42


Way to go Priscillash! Woo Hoo!
And thank YOU Ms. Hiker, for all the great pics and posts you do for all of us.

#12 RE: Nesting begins by patticake 13.04.2013 09:41


Last night we were watching Michelle on her eggs when she suddenly jumped up and stood on the rim of the nest box. She looked alarmed but didn't make any noise. Our imaginations went from GHO in the area to her just wanting to catch some snowflakes on her tongue, to UFO and finally after she kept standing there gazing up into the sky, we decided she was just a pefa in deep thought pondering the meaning of life. I don't know how long she stood there but Shep said she stood most of the night on the perch or the rim or inside the box. She laid her 3rd egg sometime before daylight and it could be she was just in egg labor and uncomfortable? She was watching something but we don't know what. GSBDweller panned around to see if we could see anything at all that she was looking at but we couldn't see anything in the dark.
GSB panned the eagle nest this morning and there were two adults in the nest, too. One flew out as soon as the cam focused on them but the other one stayed. I wonder how many eggs they have? Eggs, eggs everywhere!

#13 RE: Nesting begins by magictree 18.06.2013 01:06

In this position is really breathtaking.Does any tools?

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