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#41 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 24.04.2013 14:09


This video that ncaerie recorded is amazing. It shows #3 at Cornell Red Tail hatching out. What a miracle. Watching # 1 and 2 (ahem) help #3 is fun. Thanks ncaerie.

#42 RE: 2013 Season by RC-1 24.04.2013 14:50


You are right Hiker. These videos are priceless documentation of events we may or may not get the opportunity to see live. What is great is the ability to go back and look for things you may have missed the first 3,429 times you watched them.

#43 RE: 2013 Season by patticake 24.04.2013 21:03


Cornell RT cam 2 has IR.

Cornell RT chat pop out

#44 RE: 2013 Season by patticake 24.04.2013 21:27


I have a present for Hiker and Pop - and the rest of you rebels, too.

#45 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 25.04.2013 10:07


What a great gift patti... I could sit all day and watch the Redtail's. THANK YOU!!!

#46 RE: 2013 Season by ncaerie 25.04.2013 21:11

Thank you Hiker for posting some of my videos, That is so sweet of you!
I would like so much to be able to post all the wonderful footage I have been able to capture at Cornell, but normally, I am on duty from 8:00am until 6:00 pm M-F and by the time I am finished for the day, it is time to fix dinner and do all the chores I haven't done all day! By then I'm usually too tired to do anything but go to bed! I love the idea that some of my old friends are on and watching our Cornell site! Our Red-Tailed Hawks are so special and such fun to watch! I didn't see this video posted here (so I hope I'm not double posting), but late yesterday we had a deluge of a shower and both Big Red shielded the little ones, and Ezra shielded her until the shower was over and the danger for his family had passed, and even then he was reluctant to leave. he is so devoted to his family!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in making it available!

'A Sudden Shower!' 5:45 pm _4.24.13_

#47 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 30.04.2013 13:38


Guess what I was watching during lunch... They are sooooo cute.

#48 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 30.04.2013 15:01


There was a food frenzy. Ezra brought a snake that was still moving. Mods say the snake has involuntary movement after it's been killed. but Big Red took it away to make sure it wasn't a threat?? Or to make sure it wasn't going to get away?? Meanwhile, there's still the chippy to deal with.
( Tried to attach a cool picture of the snake, but the forum won't attach them)
The pics are posted in the Picture Gallery.

#49 RE: 2013 Season by raptorz4ever 30.04.2013 17:52


Too precious to not post. All three on 4-30-13, I call this one a "fluffball puddle."

#50 RE: 2013 Season by patticake 30.04.2013 18:59


R4 taught me where the RT's ear is today while we were watching Cornell. It's just a hole covered by baby fluff right now and will eventually be covered in feathers. Guess I've never really thought about looking for baby bird ears before. Thanks R4!

#51 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 01.05.2013 16:13


It was a beautiful day in Ithaca, NY for the RedTail Hawks today. The babies change so fast day by day. Big Red and Ezra are great providers.

#52 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 02.05.2013 14:53


I was hoping for a close up during this feeding today. While watching I thought I saw the eye pupil of this little guy. Now 10 days old (8 days for #3), each day seems like a new characteristic appears.

#53 RE: 2013 Season by patticake 03.05.2013 16:11


Nice snake vid from ncaerie!

RT's must really like the taste of snake. Thanks ncaerie for the vid. You are working hard to catch all the highlights so we don't miss a thing.

#54 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 05.05.2013 12:50


Wow... nice snake. How do you ever get enough of this pair. So great to see up close and so clear. I feel like I'm right there.

#55 RE: 2013 Season by patticake 05.05.2013 18:55


Big Red has been on a mission today to get the Starlings that live in the pipe by her nest. She's been blocking the Starlings from coming and going from the pipe all day long, according to the Mods, and has been trying to get her beak in there far enough to ???? get the baby Starlings? I think she wants to invite them to dinner if she can get them to answer the door.

#56 RE: 2013 Season by patticake 06.05.2013 13:29


Ezra delivers ANOTHER snake!!! Please let me have hawks that eat snakes here, too.

Thanks for another great catch ncaerie!

#57 RE: 2013 Season by patticake 08.05.2013 10:32


ncaerie made the cutest video.
. Arm Around My Buddy

Thanks ncaerie!

#58 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 14.05.2013 11:03


Big Red has been blocking the entrance to the starling nest. After a while, another starling came by. The mods at Cornell said one Starling will try to distract while the other one makes its way into the nest with food. Meanwhile, the worm Ms. Starling has is taking quite a beating.
ncaerie posted this awesome video to go with the story. Thanks ncaerie!! We love your videos.

#59 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 20.05.2013 10:11


I haven't been able to peek in on the Cornell Hawks for a couple of days and when I looked this morning I thought there were only two. Then much to my surprise, I saw that the oldest one had changed so much and developed all those dark feathers. These babies are growing up!!

#60 RE: 2013 Season by Hiker 21.05.2013 13:11


ncaerie posted these great videos today at Cornell chat. Those little fluff balls are growing fast. And learning so much. Thanks ncaerie.

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