#1 Cooper's Hawks by raptorz4ever 08.11.2013 20:07


Welcome one & all to my new web site www.coopershawks.com. The old Saga of Rufous & Henrietta kids' story is still there, but the web site is now focused on information about Cooper's Hawks! I need Raptor Central peeps to help me work out the bugs in the new site. If you read something and then say "Hunh??" please let me know. That means it needs to be changed!, Let me know if a link won't work, or if you find a typo. I'll fix it and make it good! Thanks, guys! I knew I could count on you!

#2 RE: Cooper's Hawks by patticake 08.11.2013 21:30


Congratulations on a beautiful job R4!
Your site is educational, informative and easy to read. Your sense of humor shines through here and there, too, which made me smile. Great composition, thorough, concise and the visuals are clear and easy to understand. The layout and design of your pages and the colors you chose are great, too. It has a good flow. I couldn't even find a misspelled word! The Saga of Rufous and Henrietta and your own personal pictures and observations is just icing on the cake and make this so much more interesting than just another bird site. I honestly can't think of one thing you left out and I can't imagine the hard work you've put into this. I'm betting that people will use it over and over that want to learn more about the Cooper's Hawk. I'm so proud of you! LOVE IT!

#3 RE: Cooper's Hawks by Whisper 09.11.2013 06:34


Thank you Rap4! Job Well DONE! I/We'll be enjoying your site over & over again.

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